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Q & A with Odysseas (aka Odma) | HellenicNode Founder

Turtle Network News: Q & A with Odysseas, HellenicNode Founder.

Thank you for taking the time & also wanted to officially say ‘congratulations’ on your marriage recently.

Q: Who is “Odysseas” (aka Odma), could you give us a more information about yourself and some insight into your background?

A: Hello everyone. My name is Odysseas, I live in Patra, Greece. I am 30 years old, married and raising our 8 months old baby boy. I graduated from the Technical University of Piraeus majoring in Business Administration. I have worked in the night club business in Greece for the past 8 years but my love has always been computers. While doing the night club gigs I was also trying to find ways to earn additional income by utilizing the internet. In the early days the additional revenue came from affiliate programs but after a lot of research in the form of trial and error, I found a pretty clever formula to earn money from Facebook. For the past 4 years the model has been refined and improved to a point where it runs very efficiently.

Q: What drives you and where does the fuel for your success and ambition come from?

A: I love to work and I love to learn new things all the time. I never stop and everything I do in my life I give my best effort to do achieve perfection. That’s the only way to succeed. That’s why my motto is Choose a job you Love and you will never have to work a day in your life

Q: How long have you been in crypto/blockchain and what are your interests in this regard?

A: I have been involved with Blockchain matters for the past 3 years. My first investment was in 2016 during Waves ICO. Initially I only saw this space as an investment alternative, but the more I learned about the actual technology behind Blockchain I fell in love with it. This technology has all the potential in the world to become a leader in many fields in the coming years.

Q: What is HellenicNode about, could you supply some insights into the business?

A: My first attempt at doing something technical in Blockchain was to start a Waves Node. My goal was to learn the ins and outs behind the “hype” if you will, and fortunately I learned a lot from it. Then, Turtle Network was created and because I believe in the founder (Bram Nagtegals) I decided to put all my effort and experience behind it by creating my own asset on Turtle Network which I named “HellenicNode”. The name was taken obviously for my lovely country of Greece and because I wanted this node to become one of the top ones, which at the time of this Q&A sits at #1 with 8.3 million $TN leased to it. But my desire to improve and give back to the community did not stop there, I also wanted to bring additional value to my token. At first, integrating some faucets available through my website https://www.helllenicnode.eumade sense. The faucets (BTC, LTC, DOGE, WAVES, TN, HN and WGR) were operational for 2 months, during this time they gave out the equivalent to USD $1,000 to its users but in order to receive the highest possible rewards the user needed to hold more than 50,000 $HN. After this requirement was made, more than 20 people stepped up and purchased said amount. Naturally, this motivated me to bring even more value to $HN, so I decided to try implement an already proven revenue model I have been refining for the past 4 years (before I got into Crypto).

Q: HellenicNode recently held an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), how successful was the raise and what lessons did you learn?

A: Our ICO was very successful in that it performed way above my expectations, I have to admit that I didn’t believe we would get 92% funding.

People seem to understand the potential behind my proven model and their contributions surely showed it.

While our marketing strategy wasn’t the best, and considering that at the time it was prohibited to promote Crypto related matters on Facebook or Twitter, we owe our success to the support of Turtle Network Community. People really embraced my project and they gave it life. If you have a fresh concept with a complete ecosystem and you want to do an ICO I hope you bring your resources to Turtle Network and the community will see its value.

Q: Tell us a little more about the team behind HellenicNode?

A: The team behind the project and my left hand is my little brother Michael, whom is responsible for everything related to scheduling and publishing on daily basis. It is a very time-consuming task which requires a certain level of dedication and structuring around the clock. My responsibility is more complicated, I’m constantly researching about different ways to evolve and upgrade our model, new ways to increase our revenue, new ad models to increase our Facebook pages with the lower costs and in general make it more efficient. Like my brother, this task also requires continued involvement and discipline. In addition my wife Maria is our “Jack of all trades” because she is always picking up the pieces or completing tasks we might have left unfinished such as updating the pages, uploading content so people can engage with, translating articles, researching new topics of interest, etc. Our graphic designer is Giorgos and we are lucky to have THE best graphic designer in Patra. He was responsible for building our tokensale website as well as creating every HN graphic design used to date for announcements, etc. Lastly, we count with Nikos and Takis, both tasked with responsibility to publish content.

Q: Could you tell us more about the HellenicNode brand and your vision in this regard?

A: Hellenic Node is a totally different project from all others out there. My vision is to raise HN’s value to a point where the community would rather increase their positions than selling considering that each payout will increase in revenue and more importantly, after our projected ROI is fulfilled the passive income will last for as long as the investor wishes to benefit. At the moment HN is expanding by word of mouth only. People just introduce this brand new concept to their friends and I see new faces daily on our telegram that want to learn more about our distribution model. Our fist distribution is scheduled for the end of November of the present year, and I am very excited about this milestone even though the total amount to be distributed is small as is normal with our model. At the same time we have a few ideas about how to implement an additional utility to make of HN one of the most coveted coins on Turtle Network.

Q: Please could you tell us more about the token, what are the benefits of having your token on the Turtle Network?

A: Without Turtle Network none of this would be possible, from this Q&A to our HN token. One of the main factors, if not the top one, about Turtle Network is our community. Helpful people that are available every time to assist or simply exchange ideas and opinions about different subjects.

The benefits provided by Turtle Network are many and this is only the beginning of our journey. Even its founder, Bram aka Mr. Turtle, is available to help anything he can, from the most basic question to the most complex issue. These are but a few of the reasons I call our Network the real “Blockchain for the people”. No matter how (un)skilled a person is in terms of computers or basic coding, we make sure anyone can set up their own node in order to contribute to making our network more robust and decentralized.

Q: From an investor’s perspective, what are the benefits of owning HellenicNode (HN) tokens & how can they be purchased?

A: The benefits are simple, by holding our token you qualify for monthly distributions. Beginning in November, anyone with at least 100,000 HN tokens will be recipient of our reward model, the more HN a person holds, the greater their distribution stake will be. The distributions will take place as follows:
— revenue collected in USD
— purchase distribution token equivalent in USD value from the market on Turtle Network exchange
— each month a particular token to be distributed will be selected such as TN BTC or WGR, thus bringing more volume to our network and in turn also benefiting all users

Q: What does the future hold for Odma?

A: In the future I want to see my project succeed and I want to see my investors happy and eventually hosting a gathering for our supporters in our beautiful island. My nature is to continue thinking ahead, so keep a close eye on Turtle Network and Hellenic Node, more surprises are on their way.

Q: Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for people looking to do an Initial Coin Offering?

A: My only advice is that people interested on doing an ICO , their concept must differ from all the similar concepts out there and they must believe on their IDEA and on their model. If you believe in your project people will in turn believe in you.

Lastly, I would like to leave record and mention the most important person/advisor that help me bring Hellenic Node to life, he is known in our circles as herb “mentalist420” aka Uncle Herb, without his support I wouldn’t be able to make it. With his motivation and his psychological boost he gave me the power to make Hellenic Node. Thanks again “uncle” herb (hahahha)

Social Media;

Web: https://tokensale.hellenicnode.eu (new website soon!)
Telegram Grouphttps://t.me/hellenic_node
Telegram User@HellenicNode
Email[email protected]


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