Hellenic Node Project Loyalty Reward Distribution Details

Our first distrubution will take place Friday, November 30th. I am making this post to provide some indepth about this distrubution and the activity during October. As you understand this Loyalty Reward Distribution has to do with the income we collected during this month. Google pays towards the end of each month and in the next few days I will also know the amount that the pages have collected for the month of November, which will correspond to our second distribution. In short, this is how the mechanics work and will continue to do so for the months to come, only difference being that more pages will be active as time goes by.

In the screenshots below you can see the complete Adsense Chart Report for the month October 

The amount collected during October was EURO €677. As per our terms mentioned during ICO, 70% is allocated for our supporters, in this case the amount to be distributed is EURO €474, but considering this is our first distribution the percentage corresponding to Hellenic Node’s team was reduced, instead our supporters will receive EURO €510 = USD $580 = 75,000 TN at the time the purchase was made on Turtle Network’s exchange.

For our first distribution we chose $TN as the reward token. For the next distribution we will consider liquidity for the next token(s) to be distributed, we might do another round of $TN or a mix with $WGR.

Hellenic Node Core

Another concern of mine during our Hellenic Node journey is to be fully transparent with the funds collected as well as everything constantly taking place behind the scenes. I will not publish these records from now on in order to protect the model as much as possible, which became successful after many years of efforts and trial and error.So i decide to create a new channel for this data.

The channel will be named “Hellenic Node Core“. To be eligible to enter the council group you should hold more than 1 million $HN.The process to join is simple. You make a transaction of 1 $HN to this address: 3Jrd32GsqZApEBv3jvEiXUWoMu63wHmMHyW with your Telegram ID as attachment. Once the transaction has been made, please send your record to my telegram account @HellenicNode.

In the Core group I will openly share more details about the process and the members of the group will serve as a tool to check and balance all the moves made for the whole Hellenic Node Community.

Below you can see proof of SEPA from Wirex to TNetwork and buying $TN from Turtle Network DEX.

SEPA to Wirex 

Conver to SEPA to BTC in Wirex and send to TNetwork

Conver to SEPA to BTC in Wirex and send to TNetwork


Thanks again to everyone that supported Hellenic Node Project since day 1, I am confident that that this will be one of your, if not the, best investment made ever. I have thought of many ways to boost our project which will be revealed in due time. One of our goals is to constantly bring more value to our project, even when you think it is already strong.

Stay tuned and hold your $HN , We ‘re just getting started !

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