HellenicNode ($HN) Gateway

To Send $HN to WavesPlatform, using Turtle Network wallet

Click «TRANSFER» (on the PORTFOLIO tab inside TN client)
Recipient’s Address = 3Jx1pTY2LAo7RgjCH1yyYuviZSou3hFnkku
Attachment = Insert your WavesPlatform wallet address

To Send $HN to TurtleNetwork, using Waves Platform wallet

Click «SEND»
Recipient’s Address = 3PMaZ8n6W6ob2TS7NHwZ6NbxbHcDVVbpgaD
Description = Insert your TurtleNetwork wallet address

Fees: Total 10 HellenicNode for Withdraw and Deposit

Note: Transaction must be higher than 10 HN.

Note: Max amount per transfer 100,000 HN

Note: If you send less than 10 HN , you wont receive anything.

Note: On the gateway only send HN . Not other tokens.


  • We cant recover any $HN that is being transfered to wrong address than the gateway provided.

Recovery policy

  • Please contact support within 3 days of transfer issue.
  • Minimal amount to recover 5000 $HN.

For any issue dont hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or via telegram channel

Official HellenicNode Asset ID on Waves Platform : 9edmsQVzVBzaLN8m3Dq4hzPvFcPYjWGvDLhzBTdDY9TD

Official HellenicNode Asset ID on Turtle Network : 3GvqjyJFBe1fpiYnGsmiZ1YJTkYiRktQ86M2KMzcTb2s

Gateway by https://hellenicnode.eu

Turtle Network Gateway : 3Jx1pTY2LAo7RgjCH1yyYuviZSou3hFnkku

WavesPlatform Gateway : 3PMaZ8n6W6ob2TS7NHwZ6NbxbHcDVVbpgaD

Check here $HN richlist on Waves Platform

Check here $HN richlist on Turtle Network